“Courage is being scared but getting in the truck anyway! Everyone in this group was heroic in learning truck driving skills and so much more during this program.

“For the first time in my life, I was able to face the reality of being trapped and take the necessary steps to address unhealthy relationships. Climb and the other moms in the group helped me have the courage to do this for my kids and for myself.”

— Carolina, Program Participant

This wasn’t just a group of women; it was a team. The women who tested and passed their driving tests first spent time going over pre-trip checklists and practicing with others in the group that hadn’t yet passed. The success of the other moms was as important as their own. This group had different personalities, ages of children, number of children, and job aspirations. Yet this didn’t deter them from a common goal. And the results will show for many years to come!”

— Misty Savage, Cheyenne Program Director

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