“This training, a first for Climb Wyoming’s Teton Area, represents a massive shift in these women’s lives. Many were unemployed or working really part-time jobs with low pay and no benefits before. Now they have this hugely valuable skill in an industry that offers high pay and daytime driving schedules. After studying and memorizing pages and pages of truck parts and passing several tests, they can drive vehicles of all types, from school buses and construction trucks to 80-ft semis with 18 gears.

“I learned how to be more mindful at Climb, both with my kid and whenever I feel stress at home or on the job.”

Tatiana, Program Participant

With our country’s commercial driver shortage, they never have to be unemployed again. For their children, this means the potential for stability where there was none before. Their courage and tenacity will pay off for years to come.”

— Rosie Read, Teton Area Program Director

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