TRAINING: Certified Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy Technician
FAMILIES SERVED: 11 moms + 25 children

Photo Above: The two medical certifications offered in Casper’s recent training give moms like Kendall a wide range of career options.

Moms in Casper’s latest program came to Climb Wyoming seeking change—and the opportunity to become financially independent and provide stability for their families. The training’s intensive medical curriculum was divided into several modules, with testing at the end of each. Climb’s mental health services, focus on executive functioning skills, and supportive approach helped them conquer their anxiety, gain confidence, and learn techniques to succeed in the workplace. With two valuable healthcare certifications in hand, the graduates of this program are filling critical jobs in Casper’s healthcare industry, while making positive changes for their families that will impact generations to come.

“All of the skills I learned at Climb helped me find myself again…and break down walls that I’ve built for years.”

-Kendall, Casper Graduate

Photos Above: Melissa and Caroline practice collecting and processing blood samples. The program included clinicals at five different medical facilities in Casper so moms could experience different healthcare settings.

The 10-week intensive training culminated in two healthcare certifications: Phlebotomy Technician and Clinical Medical Assistant. Topics included customer service, health records and insurance, infectious disease control, surgical supplies and instruments, and principles of electrocardiology, ophthalmology, and gastroenterology.

Dear Friends,

During the decade that I’ve worked at Climb, I’ve so appreciated the Casper community’s incredible support for our powerful job training and placement program. Climb’s donors, employers, trainers, and community partners make it possible for us to give moms a boost in all areas of life as they start new careers. Collaboration results in positive and exciting strides forward for vulnerable families…and our community!

With Gratitude,

Jenn Whitehead
Casper Program Director

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