Photos (Top): Rikki, celebrating at commencement. (Bottom): Participants in Casper’s recent Office Careers training at the Wyoming Contractors Association Training Center, where hands-on learning built their skills in professional office operations and management.

Living in poverty often means dealing with stress that is toxic for the brain as you struggle to cover basic needs like food, housing, and transportation. Because of their determination and resilience, this group of moms took significant steps to develop the tools to build financial stability. With each other’s support, and positive encouragement from staff, they showed up each day ready to learn and discover all that they’re capable of in work and life. Climb’s program model is built around positive reinforcement, so just hearing someone say, “yes, you can do this!” gave each mom the confidence to take new steps on her journey to meaningful employment. 

 “I am becoming a person who is following my dreams and going through the tasks to get there.”

-Rikki, Casper Graduate

 OFFICE CAREERS Training Included:

Microsoft Office™ and QuickBooks®
Office Management and Business Operations
CPR certification
Life skills classes to prepare moms for long-term employment success (ex. problem solving, organization, time management, and planning)

Employer Partners:

Cole Cabinets, LLC
Eagle’s Soaring, LLC
Hodder and Associates, LLC

Photos (Top): Group activities, including this bonding exercise, brought the moms in Casper’s recent Office Careers training together to give each other strength and encouragement as they take exciting new steps in life. (Bottom): Melissa takes a real-world scenario phone call to practice customer service skills and Sarah learns how to maintain and operate equipment at the Wyoming Contractors Association Training Center.