Congratulations to our recent Cheyenne program graduates, who earned their Class A Commercial Drivers License and are now certified to drive fuel trucks and excavators, construction vehicles, moving trucks and passenger vehicles after receiving the highest level of training available in the industry.

“These program participants were incredibly dedicated,” said Cheyenne Program Director Molly Kruger.  “The training that they did was outdoors from 8 am to 5 pm daily for two months – does anyone remember the weather in February and March? – and they would often stay out until 6 or 7 at night, training extra on weekends to ensure they received their certification.”

Their dedication to building marketable job skills was surpassed by their dedication to supporting each other through the program.  Participants who had already passed the training would return to encourage the others that were still testing.

These single moms were unemployed or working for minimum wage before joining the CLIMB program and currently 8 of the 10 graduates have interviewed with local businesses.  Lowes Distribution Center, Ram Trucking, Four Quarters Excavataion, Arrow Moving and Storage and Knife River are among the local employers that are interested in hiring these graduates

“These women can expect to receive $13 to $16 an hour to start in their new careers,” said Kruger. “Some of our former participants who are a year or two into their CDL career after completing CLIMB are making upwards of $20 an hour.”