TRAINING: Certified Medical Assistant/Medical Administrative Assistant

Families Served: 12 moms + 20 children

Photos Above: BrayLee practices phlebotomy, the process of collecting patient blood samples. Ashley and her daughters celebrate at commencement. This program served 20 children, with moms ranging in age and life experiences so the group could learn from each other. 

Moms in Laramie’s recent training came to Climb unemployed or working low-wage jobs that didn’t offer opportunities for growth. They ranged from young moms to a grandmother raising her grandson. They all had walked a different path in life before coming together as a group, ready to make a hard right turn—a total shift in the direction their lives were going. The moms’ self-confidence improved significantly through Climb’s supportive and therapeutic approach and is now showing up in the job interview and placement process. For the first time, many feel like they are in the driver’s seat instead of having to take whatever job comes their way. Pursuing lifelong careers will make such a difference for the next generation as kids experience greater stability and get to see these women fill critical roles in our community’s workforce.

“These wonderful women aren’t just learning, they are evolving. They are finding strength they didn’t know they had, confidence they didn’t think they would achieve, and the ability to overcome fears that they didn’t see coming.”

-Chelsea Meigs, Climb Wyoming Trainer

Medical Assistant (MA) licensing typically takes up to a year—this accelerated program packed the curriculum into 12 weeks with an added Medical Administrative Assistant certification. Training included intensive hands-on classes in medical terminology, billing, coding, and insurance, as well as taking vital signs and collecting blood samples for testing.

Photo Above: The moms in Laramie’s recent training gained clinical experience at Ivinson Memorial Hospital and Family Physicians of Laramie to help them select a healthcare environment that fits their strengths and priorities.

Photo Above: Tess Snow (left), Climb’s Laramie Program Director, graduated from the University of Wyoming and has been part of Climb’s program team for three years. Chanda Dougherty (right), Assistant Program Director, was born and raised in Laramie and has extensive experience connecting families to critical resources through her background in case management.

Dear Friends,

I’m so excited to celebrate our recent Climb Wyoming graduates with you! As moms start new careers and fill critical positions in the healthcare industry, they are really feeling integrated into our community for the first time after living in the isolation of poverty. Part of my role is matching graduates with employers, and I love the magic that happens when employers gain valuable, long-term employees who will be a vital part of our community. Thank you for all you do to support this journey and help moms find success in work and life!

With Gratitude,

Tess Snow
Laramie Program Director

Photo Above: Graduates in Laramie’s recent Certified Medical Assistant/Medical Administrative Assistant program.