Photos Above: Even amidst the challenges of COVID-19, job placements continue, with recent graduate Marie now working at Wyoming Analytical Labs. Current Medical Office Careers participants will have skills in Microsoft Office,® workplace professionalism, and more. Ready to hire? Contact us for details!

Dear Friend,

I hope you are staying safe and healthy!

A lot has changed in recent months, so I wanted to update you on the difference you continue to make for families. Our top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic has been to support all the women we serve with mental health counseling, tools to improve executive functioning skills, connections to local food and housing resources, parenting classes, and more.

For at-risk families that need support right now, we are there every step of the way, with the long-term goal of getting single moms ready to work in the industries our community needs.


Microsoft Office

Workplace Professionalism

Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution

The Laramie program is underway with a Medical Office Careers training that includes online classes in Microsoft Office,™ resume writing, professionalism, conflict resolution, and more. The women are extremely committed to the program and motivated to succeed. We’re seeing their dedication every day. By the end of the training, they will be ready to work in a professional office setting, with special emphasis on medical providers. If you or someone you know wants to change a family’s life and become a Climb employer partner, let us know!

I’m so inspired by how Laramie has responded during this crisis to help those in need. And also by the resiliency of our graduates. Our community is in a safer, better place because these moms and their children have hope for the future… THANKS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE to support them along the way!

Much Gratitude,

— Martha Doyle, Laramie Program Director

Photos Above: Roxanne celebrates commencement from Laramie’s recent Professional Office Careers training. Climb participant Brittany with her daughter during Climb’s “Mom and Kid” event last fall.

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