Photo Above: Tessa (right), a graduate of Laramie’s recent training who is now working as a Medical Assistant, with Katrina (left), her supervisor at Nova Health Urgent Care.

 All the moms in Laramie’s recent training, which included Medical Assistant and Medical Administrative Assistant certifications, are fulfilling personal goals to work in healthcare. The training included the unique opportunity to practice clinical skills at Nova Health Urgent Care, where many of the moms have now started job placements. As they step into these new careers, Climb’s mental health services have been vital in helping reduce the toxic stress of living in poverty and build skills for stability in work and life. With resilience and determination, many are already using these new tools to pursue additional medical certifications, including some moms who are considering degrees in nursing. 

 Photo Above: This group of Laramie graduates is filling critical healthcare and community positions during a time of high need in Laramie, with many already looking to advance their training with additional certifications.

 “If you are willing to put in the work, the rewards speak for themselves. Climb is a life-altering organization.”

-Tessa, Laramie Graduate


Hours of clinical work completed for participants in Laramie’s recent Certified Medical Assistant training. 

 Medical Training Included:

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant and Certified Medical Assistant testing and licensing
COVID vaccine administration
Medical Records & Patient Scheduling
Life skills classes to prepare moms for long-term employment success (ex. problem solving, organization, time management, and planning)

Employer Partners:

Albany County Public Library
Albany County School District #1
Ivinson Memorial Hospital
Laramie Pediatrics
Nova Health Urgent Care

Photos (Top): Corena and her daughter at commencement from Laramie’s recent medical training. Corena’s job placement is with Nova Health Urgent Care working as a Certified Medical Assistant. Bottom: Kayla, who also works at Nova Health, with her children at commencement. This program served a total of 23 children who will benefit from their moms’ new careers.