TRAINING: Professional Office Careers

Families Served: 10 moms + 14 children

Photo Above: Willow practices computer skills at the Western Wyoming Community College campus. Climb provided each mom with a laptop and all the necessary software to gain proficiency and to use as a critical job-seeking tool.

Moms in the Sweetwater Area’s recent Professional Office Careers training came to Climb ready to shift from having a job to having a career—a big difference in terms of providing financial stability, benefits, and long-term opportunities. To make this exciting transition, Climb supported moms with connections to critical resources such as food assistance. Some moms had experienced education in a different way before Climb and were nervous about learning. Climb’s mental health services, focus on executive functioning skills, and supportive approach provided tools and techniques for success, making participants excited about furthering their education in the future. At the end of the program, the kids in this group felt incredibly proud of their moms for working so hard and starting new careers that will impact their families for generations to come.

“With 20+ years as a trainer, Climb Wyoming is my absolute favorite place to teach. It is so rewarding to help single moms help themselves and, in turn, their kids.”

-Brandi, Climb Wyoming Trainer

Photos Above: Tynnan and Ana spend time bonding during Climb’s Family Night, a chance for moms and kids to get to know each other at the start of each program.

Dear Friends,

I’m so excited to celebrate our recent Climb Wyoming graduates with you! Working as Climb’s Sweetwater Area business liaison for the past five years has given me a chance to connect to so many of our community’s amazing employer partners who engage in real mentorship with moms and truly impact lives. I believe in the Climb process so much—the growth in skills and confidence that I witness every day is truly amazing. Thank you for all you do to support this journey and help moms find success in work and life!!

Katie Mullen
Sweetwater Area Program Director

Photo Above: Making a difference for the next generation: Families impacted by Climb’s recent program in the Sweetwater Area