• Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) testing and licensing

• Medical terminology, billing, charting, and coding

• Microsoft Word,® Excel,® and medical office management software

• Patient care

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We are so excited to celebrate the latest Teton Area graduates with you! Amidst the pandemic and a lot of uncertainty, this Medical Careers program became one of the boldest and most unique in Climb’s history, providing an example for other job training programs nationwide. The 13 women in this group helped build a brand-new virtual training that allowed them to learn medical skills and grow personally.

“Thank you for not letting me give up on myself. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my son.”


Photo Above: In Climb’s recent Teton Area Medical Careers/ Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program, participants were provided with laptops, help accessing internet service, and IT support so that the women could participate in the training and connect with each other virtually. Online mock interviews brought in several professionals to practice and provide feedback, and a virtual simulator allowed the moms to practice medical coding live with an instructor.

Photo Above: Christy Thomas (left) has transitioned to the role of Teton Area Program Director as Rosie Read (right) returns to a career as an immigration attorney. Christy has been with the Teton Area program for five years and will continue Climb’s momentum helping single moms support their families and contribute to our local workforce.

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