Over more than a decade, MGM Enterprises Inc. has worked with Climb to train more than 100 single moms—and the benefits go both ways.

Matt Garland, President of MGM Enterprises Inc., stands with his long-time employee, Climb grad Crystal.

Facing a shortage of skilled, well-trained employees is something every business dreads—so what if you had the opportunity to train your own workforce up to your high standards?

That’s the chance Matt Garland, President of MGM Enterprises Inc., a construction company based in Gillette, Wyoming, had more than ten years ago.

Climb’s Gillette program was ready to launch a Commercial Truck Driving (CDL) training but needed a trainer. With critical support from the Wyoming Contractors Association, Garland stepped up, developing the curriculum and using his own drivers and equipment operators as instructors.

One class led to another over the years—until MGM had eventually trained more than 100 Climb participants and hired several graduates as well.

“I was responding to a business need,” says Garland. “But I also watched several Climb moms go from hardly making any money to earning $17 an hour plus overtime, buy their first house, first car, and transition off government assistance. It’s been very gratifying in that way, too.”

One of MGM’s hires back in 2009 was Crystal, who was in a rough place in life before Climb.

Today, Crystal still works for MGM, having held several positions over the years: driver, office manager and supervisor of Department of Transportation compliance for the entire company’s suite of about 150 trucks and more than 450 employees.

“I’ve seen Crystal buy her own home, raise her two kids and care for her mom. She’s a solid citizen,” says Matt. “I see several other moms we trained working in the community and doing well. I’m proud to have been part of what I think is one of the most successful training programs in the U.S.”

Watch the Video

Eight years ago, Crystal shared her story in this video. When it was filmed, she had just started working at MGM Enterprises, Inc., as a truck driver in Gillette. Today, almost a decade later, she is still employed there and finding success in her life.

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