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We provide financial aid for single moms while also empowering them with better-paying jobs.

You Help Build a Stronger Wyoming.

Helping a single mom in poverty get a better paying, in-demand job creates enduring and systemic change that ends generational poverty.

Empower moms, empower children

Your investment in Climb Wyoming changes lives across the state. You ensure Climb’s job training and placement program remains free so single moms struggling in poverty can gain industry-specific career skills and grow with our caring staff and other single moms in a therapeutic environment. At Climb, moms gain an empowering sense of accomplishment, and an invaluable sense of self-worth, as they support their families and find long-term success.


Climb provides the Commercial Driving program for single moms. Climb provides the Commercial Driving program for single moms.

“Climb is about taking charge and creating your own destiny. Now I own a house and a vehicle. I can spend time with my son, and he’s so happy. I’m ready for whatever comes my way in life!”

– Heather, Climb Graduate

The Reality of Poverty in Wyoming

Single mothers and their children experience the highest rates of poverty among families in Wyoming. The women we serve are often living in crisis – unemployed or working low-wage jobs. Financial instability, toxic stress and the daily struggle to cover needs like food and housing are the norm.


of Wyoming children living below the federal poverty threshold are being raised by single parents.

A Lifetime of Impact

When you donate, your Return on Investment (ROI) begins to grow from the first moment a mom starts the program, learns job skills, and receives mental health services and support in all areas of her life. As she starts a new career, earns higher wages, and becomes self-sufficient, your investment continues to have incredible returns, increasing as she advances as a professional in the workplace and positively impacts her family’s lives for generations to come. Average investment per Climb participant: $17,000

Make a difference across Wyoming

Your support moving families into a place where they can contribute to local economies creates a better Wyoming for all of us—resulting in a stronger workforce and more stable, healthy, and vibrant communities.

Ready to help low-income families now? Donate to Climb Wyoming today.

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“Watching a Climb video, I heard a teenager tell his mom he was proud of her. It made me realize how important a mom’s work and determination are to her kids. This investment truly helps break the cycle of poverty.”

– Phil Dinsmoor

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