Dear Friends,

My Climb Wyoming “moment” came more than a decade ago.

I spent the previous part of my career as an attorney and policy analyst for the Wyoming Governor’s Office. I loved shaping policy that had a positive ripple effect on Wyoming families and communities, especially those most in need.

On my first day working at Climb, I met a group of moms who were preparing for commencement. There was sudden excitement in the room—one of the moms had just been offered a great job as a medical office receptionist.

She was thrilled…but worried about childcare. The other moms immediately jumped in and, within minutes, they helped find childcare solutions for her entire first month on the job.

“Right before my eyes, a life had changed through Climb’s very intentional model.”

-Katie Hogarty, Climb Wyoming Chief Executive Officer

Right before my eyes, a life had changed through Climb’s very intentional model, which combines a psychologically informed environment with the power of working together in a group. Today, all these years later, she has received several promotions, including the position of office manager.

When I share moments like this with leaders and policy makers, I feel so proud to represent an organization unique to Wyoming that’s changing lives in our communities
while informing best practices for families in poverty across the country.

As you read about more Climb moments in this report, it’s striking to think how they all come together to make stronger families, healthier communities, and a brighter Wyoming.

Thank you for making life-changing moments possible!

With gratitude,

Katie Hogarty
Chief Executive Officer