Name: Sharon
Number of Children: 4
Training: Commercial Driving (CDL)
Current Occupation: Driver, Maxam US LLC

“I will never forget getting my first paycheck after Climb. I jumped up and down! The next thing I did was go out and buy my daughters new shoes for school. Before, there just wasn’t enough money for school supplies, and we had to get help.

Now I can do it all on my own. I grew up in poverty and didn’t finish high school, so this is my chance to break that cycle for my kids. My oldest daughter wants to be a doctor. I want them all to go to college and make a good future for themselves.

THANK YOU for supporting Climb Wyoming and making our dreams for the future possible!”

After working in fast food for more than a decade, Sharon is now a driver for Maxam US LLC, operating an 18-speed semi that hauls a blasting agent for mines in southwest Wyoming. She earns $21/hour.