Recently, Climb Wyoming was asked to share our expertise in poverty alleviation through workforce development with the National Governors Association (NGA) in Washington, D.C.—a bipartisan coalition that supports governors in identifying best practices and priorities for public policy. The group invited Climb to present at their national Workforce Symposium.

While Climb’s work values each individual family we serve, it’s so powerful to know that our outcomes are also informing best practices that help millions of families across the country.

During a session called Supporting the Whole Worker: TANF and SNAP Policy and Program Coordination, Climb shared our human-centered, psychologically-informed practices to move families out of poverty. The audience included state workforce development leaders, high-impact agencies and organizations, and policy advisors from around the country.

Climb continues to lead important conversations at the state and national level. While in D.C., Katie Hogarty, Climb’s CEO, and Molly Kruger, Climb’s COO,  also met with Wyoming’s congressional delegation, including quality time with Rep. Cheney and her staff, Senator Lummis’ office, and a meeting with Senator Barasso soon to follow. In all of these conversations, Climb received attention for our intentional and exceptional outcomes.

Policy work can sometimes feel remote from our everyday lives—but these decisions have an impact on the families who need us most, a guidepost in how to do this important and often difficult work.