(Above: Climb participant Amber prepares during the program’s mock interviews.)

“This group trusted each other really early on in the program and established a supportive community outside of Climb—helping each other with kids’ birthday parties, potlucks, even moving.

They really excelled at job readiness. Our mock interviewers included representatives from state agencies, local banks, even the human resources director at the University of Wyoming. The moms were so nervous but left saying, ‘I’m going to own it!’ with new-found confidence.

At commencement, a lot of the participants’ children stood up to share how much they love their mom and how proud they are of her accomplishments at Climb. One younger child said, ‘My mom is the best mom I’ve ever had.’ It was totally impromptu and so special to witness.”

Katie Hogarty, Laramie Program Director

“Life was so hard before Climb. During training, there were times I didn’t know if I’d make it. What got me through was my commitment to my boys, to myself, and to my future.”

— Aleah, Program Participant


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