What changes for families who’ve lived in poverty when the amount on their paychecks more than doubles?

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Climb participants who were employed before Climb often worked in low-wage jobs, piecing together basic needs like food and housing. Two years after Climb, these moms are typically earning more than double their previous paychecks.

Here’s what they tell us:

On $1,000/month or less you are…

  • Driving an unreliable vehicle that could break down at any moment.
  • Busy managing chaos day-to-day, with no time to think about setting goals for the future.
  • Reliant on unhealthy relationships to help with basic needs like food, transportation and housing.
  • Having to choose between paying for heat or buying food in the middle of the winter.
  • Sinking so far into debt that you stop paying attention to the bills piling up at your doorstep.

On $2,500/month or more you are…

  • Proudly paying for your groceries with cash instead of a food stamp card.
  • Sending your kids to school with homemade lunches instead of relying on free or reduced meals.
  • Providing Christmas presents for your family without help.
  • Moving into your own housing and enjoying independence for the first time.
  • Feeling supported and valued in your work place, with paid leave to plan ahead for a family vacation.
  • Getting out of debt and paying all your bills at the end of every month.

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