(Photos Above: Aaron Merritt talks to a group of Climb’s Commercial Driving (CDL) participants about pre-trip inspections. Evans Construction currently has three moms hired to fill driving jobs.)

The current labor shortage has hit the construction industry hard, leaving employers struggling to fill jobs, especially driving positions that require a commercial driver’s license (CDL). 

Aaron Merritt, a transportation supervisor with Evans Construction based in Jackson, Wyoming, feels like he’s hit the employee jackpot after hiring three recent Climb graduates to fill critical positions on his team. The moms earned their CDLs with Climb this spring and are now driving a variety of different trucks on job sites, including road repairs in Yellowstone National Park after serious flooding this spring.

“It’s awesome on many levels,” says Aaron. “I get drivers that I desperately need because the job market is so scarce right now. Plus, I’ve been to some low places and worked my way up to the position I have now, so I’m always excited to give someone a hand up. Climb graduates are willing to learn and always ready to improve themselves. In my experience, women working in construction are always top-notch. So it’s encouraging for me to help more women get started in this industry.”