Photos Above: Mildred’s supervisors and trainers at Summit Medical Center are thrilled to have her on the team and see her accomplishing life goals like finishing her high school degree.

“I’m 32 years old and didn’t think I could start a new career since I never finished high school,” says Mildred, a mom of five. “After being in a co-dependent relationship for a long time, I just planned on getting a job in fast food.”

Climb’s Office Careers training in Casper gave Mildred some new and exciting options for her future as part of Climb’s process to find a great match between a mom and an employer. “Towards the end of the program, we all wrote down what we wanted in a job. My list was a perfect match for a Patient Access Specialist position at Summit Medical Center.”

Mildred started her job placement and decided to keep pushing herself by finishing her high school degree. “Being back in school, it’s all really clicking in my head,” says Mildred, who has put in some long days studying after work.

Heather Judd, Mildred’s manager, collaborated with Climb to coach Mildred in reaching this goal.

“I’ve been impressed with her professionalism and she’s highly motivated,” says Heather. “We’re helping Mildred help herself. In life, we’ve all experienced struggles. Sometimes we wish we had that one person to support us. It’s just the right thing to do. I want to see her grow and grow!”