Noel (left) and Tonja (right) on Halliburton’s cement operations job site with Aaron Hone (center).

Aaron Hone, Halliburton Field Service Quality Coordinator, was looking to diversify his workforce at the company’s cement operations in Evansville, Wyoming. He says hiring two recent Climb Wyoming graduates brought different perspectives to his job site, and that’s a win for business and families alike.


Hiring more women into our organization is really important for us to drive a culture that’s diverse and inclusive. It’s an opportunity to truly strengthen our organization and makes us a more diverse company.


I was very impressed from the get-go with Tonja, Halliburton cementing bulk material operator, and Noel, cementing operator assistant for Halliburton. I could tell immediately that the Climb program matched their skills and strengths to what jobs they applied for, so in that way they were already ahead of the curve. Out of the last 20 interviews I conducted, Tonja and Noel stood out immensely.


We’ve continued to have follow-up meetings with Lesha, Climb’s Program Director in Casper, and each employee. It’s been a way to accelerate their learning and a chance to talk about what’s going well or iron things out.

For Climb, it’s not just ‘here’s an employee,’ it’s more of an ongoing conversation about how we all work together to have the employee grow and be successful. From the very moment that we connected with Climb, it feels like a true long-term relationship. The responsiveness and openness and willingness to work together has been truly helpful.


It impresses me that Tonja and Noel have taken steps in their lives to get ahead—it says a lot about their character.

These jobs are a commitment, and that’s a huge task for any single parent. But they’ve gotten right to work and jumped into things in such a responsible way.


At Halliburton, we want to invest in highly trained professional workers who are looking for long-term employment. It’s good to know that we’re helping these women support themselves and their children; that’s important for our business but also for our community.

It’s all a win in my book.

—Aaron Hone

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