Living at the bottom was definitely where I was at for a long time,” Heather, a graduate of Climb’s Commercial Driving program in 2015, recalls of life before the program.

“At 24, I’d just gotten out of prison having absolutely no self-worth. Doing drugs, stealing just to make a living.”

Heather’s Climb job placement got her started as a driver for 4 Quarters Excavation in Cheyenne. She has since received several promotions and is now an estimator and project manager for the company.

Heather says her steady career progression has completely changed her life, from giving her the opportunity to buy a house and own a vehicle, to having the resources to support her autistic son.

“My son has just blossomed since I have this stable job. He is such a bright, intelligent, busy boy. I have the highest hopes for him.”

Your Return on Investment

Six years ago, Climb invested $18,600 to train Heather. She has since had 4 promotions and earned $239,983 in additional wages (a 6-year ROI of 13:1). When she reaches retirement at age 65, Heather will have earned $1,600,000 in wages (a lifetime ROI of 85:1) made possible through your investment in Wyoming families.

Passing the Light

Since 2015, Heather has hired 6 other Climb graduates to work as truck drivers at 4 Quarters Excavation. Together, these 6 moms will earn an estimated $8.5 million in wages before retirement, with a combined lifetime ROI of 541:1.