Training: Commercial Driving (CDL)

Families Served: 10 moms + 19 children

Photos Above: Claudia practices technical maneuvers during training in collaboration with Mountain West Commercial Driving School. Lora, a recent graduate of Climb’s CDL training in Gillette, has a job placement as a tank wagon driver for Homax Oil Sales. 

Climb Wyoming’s recent Commercial Driving (CDL) program in Gillette included 160+ hours of intensive training, with moms gaining valuable skills to haul hazardous materials, water, and fuel, as well as pull multiple trailers. With average starting wages of $20 per hour, Climb job placements are bringing families much-needed financial stability as well as more reliable schedules. This hard-working group of moms is excited to step into careers where they can feel valued and appreciated—something they haven’t always felt in past jobs. Behind the wheel, they are embarking on new journeys that will create a better life for themselves and their children for years to come!

Employer Partners:

  • Blakeman Propane
  • Campbell County School District – Transportation
  • Homax Oil Sales
  • Line Finders
  • Mountain West Commercial Driving School
  • Titan Solutions

“Every mom’s story was different, every obstacle was different, but all our futures are brighter. This was much more than a job training–I gained a whole support system, parenting skills, life skills, and help finding a job that is a good fit for my family’s needs.”

-Lora, Gillette Graduate

Photo Above: Andreah Kramer (left), Climb’s Gillette Assistant Program Director, has extensive experience connecting families to community resources. Dane Joslyn (right), Climb’s Program Director, worked for many years at Campbell County Health and enjoys finding great partnerships between moms and employers.

Dear Friends,

Greetings! I’m so excited to celebrate our recent graduates from Climb’s Commercial Driving (CDL) training who are already filling critical jobs in our community’s workforce. The moms not only built important job skills but strengthened their ability to navigate life’s decisions, conflicts, challenges, and emotions successfully. Thank you for being part of their journey!

With Gratitude,

Dane Joslyn
Gillette Program Director

Photo Above: Two-generation impact: Moms and kids served in Climb’s recent Gillette training.