With the challenging economy and rising unemployment rates in Wyoming, the Climb Wyoming program is more important than ever for low-income single mothers across the state.

Climb’s market-based approach of actively engaging with local businesses and industry groups has created new trainings in fields that are growing and that provide self-sufficient wages and opportunities for advancement.

For example:

In response to evolving trends in Laramie’s job market, Climb will launch its first-ever Mechanical and Service Technology training this August. Participants will prepare for in-demand careers as electrical and plumbing service technicians, maintenance and repair workers, and customer service representatives.

A shortage of healthcare workers in Wyoming has led to more opportunities to enter the medical field as a profession—add to that an estimate that 31% of Wyoming’s population will be over age 60 by the year 2030. This year, Climb will offer medical-related trainings at most of its program sites and the first Certified Nursing Assistant training in the Teton Area, and will reintroduce medical trainings in the Gillette Climb program.

“Times are tough in Gillette right now with Campbell County unemployment rates rising to 8% as of May,” says Stacie McDonald, Climb’s Gillette program director. “With fewer jobs in the energy sector, we are committed to researching new industries for trainings that lead to employee placements. These careers will provide Climb moms with stable employment while filling a statewide industry need.”

Are you an employer interested in partnering with Climb Wyoming to let a family’s future be your success? Contact us today!