Meet Lisbeth!
After a few years of hearing about the CLIMB program, in 2013 Lisbeth decided to take the first step toward a brighter future for herself and her daughter by entering the CLIMB Wyoming Certified Nursing Assistant training program in Gillette.

Lisbeth was unemployed when she entered the CLIMB program and found CLIMB to be both rewarding and challenging.

“I had always wanted to become a nurse,” said Lisbeth. “So many of my family members, including my sister, aunts and cousins, are nurses.”

“Initially the hardest thing was putting yourself out there,” said Lisbeth. “I didn’t know the other people in the program so even the first few days of telling people why you were there felt scary. But it was worth it. I am now close friends with several of the other women in the program, and we support each other.

Lisbeth currently works as a CNA at Campbell County Memorial Hospital Hospice and Home Health Care.

“CLIMB really advocated for me to get me this job,” said Lisbeth. “Typically Campbell County Memorial Hospital doesn’t hire inexperienced CNAs for this role, but because of their relationship with CLIMB, they were willing to give me an interview. CLIMB opened the door and thanks to my skills and their help preparing me, I got the job!”

In addition to career training, CLIMB helped Lisbeth practice managing setbacks, frustrations and other tough situations, that could potentially derail her long-term success.

“They teach you how to effectively deal with your problems – how to not let them build up, and talk about it when you are feeling frustrated,” said Lisbeth. “I encounter challenges almost daily in this job, whether it is a reaction to how a patient is living, or dealing with the loss of someone I had developed a connection with. I learned that I need to talk about these things so that they don’t become something bigger or get in my way.”

Lisbeth loves that her Monday through Friday schedule allows her to spend significant time with her nine-year-old daughter.

“It has been awesome to see her so proud of me,” said Lisbeth. “Her school recently had Hero Day during Spirit Week and she actually dressed up like me in my CNA scrubs and said I was her hero.”

Lisbeth is currently taking college courses and hopes to complete her nursing degree in the near future.