A Mother’s Day Match Donor Shares Special Memories of Her Mom

“My mom Ida Jackson came from a large ranching family in Douglas. She was one of 16 kids and instilled in me that if you see something that needs done—or someone who needs help—you do it without hesitation. If you’ve been blessed to have something to give, she always said, much is expected of you.

 One of the things I love about Wyoming and living in a small rural state is that we watch out for folks who are alone. Years ago, I was a single mom with two little kids, and I knew there were others out there who had the same struggles.

I like that Climb holds women up, and that’s something I’ve worked to do in my own career. I had a female mentor who trained me to become a director of finance. Later, when I became a manager, I tried to do the same thing for my co-workers. I look at it as a hand-up, not a hand-out.

My mom passed away in 2014. She was a strong woman. She wasn’t rich in a monetary way but was rich in ranch life, family, and home. I really wanted to honor her with this matching gift to Climb on Mother’s Day. She was always encouraging me to work hard…and give back.”

 –Mary, Climb Wyoming Mother’s Day Match Donor

Thanks to Mary and other generous donors, your Mother’s Day gift to Climb Wyoming will be matched! 

If you want, make a donation in someone’s name and we’ll send them a card to let them know they inspired your gift. 


Your gift is doubled thanks to our generous Mother’s Day Match donors!


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