As CLIMB continues to identify workforce needs through consistent research and engagement with local employers, two new trainings have been developed to meet the needs of CLIMB participants and employer partners.

While our existing trainings in traditional and non-traditional careers continue to be successful in transitioning CLIMB graduates to financial self-sufficiency, two new CLIMB trainings include a broad range of marketable skills.

Our new Inventory Specialist training evolved from our Warehouse Tech Training that was launched in Fall of 2013.  Inventory Specialists are trained in customer service skills, computer skills, forklift and crane operation, OSHA-10 and receive defensive driving certification.

Our inaugural Workflow Specialist training was recently held in Cheyenne.  This training includes customer service skills, Microsoft Office™, QuickBooks™, payroll and bookkeeping skills, and business writing skills.
Graduates from these trainings are able to be placed in positions across multiple industries, improving our ability to transition single mothers to self-sufficiency through jobs that pay livable wages.  The broad training and placement opportunities also allow CLIMB to serve a larger variety of participants in one program.