“This group had a 100% graduation rate, prioritized attendance and punctuality, even with one mom driving 1.5 hours every day to get here and another with 6 kids at home. They wanted to be successful and decided early on that they wanted (and needed) to do it together.

“I wanted to be there for my daughter but was afraid I didn’t have the skills. Climb gave me the chance to practice, and I am proud to realize I had it in me.”

— Kiffany, Program Participant

These moms are now thinking a lot about where they were last year—hopeless, alone, with the weight of the world on their shoulders. This year, they are excited to be more present with their kids since they’re not as stressed and scared. They have hope.

Some want to go to nursing school or become EMTs. I would trust all of these women with my life, they are compassionate, smart, good problem solvers, level-headed, just real assets to the healthcare community.”

— Katie Hogarty, Laramie Program Director

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