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Thank You, Investors

Fiscal Year 2023 Investors (October 2022–September 2023)

Funding Future
Giving Society

Mark and Nancy Anselmi
Eric and Kelly Barlow
Bowen Family Foundation
Sarah Brino and Betsy Tetenman
Lisa Carlin
Colleen and Paul Cherrett
Mitch Dann
Chad and Liz Deaton
Phil Dinsmoor
Lori Fields and Marlin Risinger
Tyler J. and Lexie Garrett
Jan and Bob Hartman
JJ Healy
Sharon and Jerry Hyrkas
Brandi and Odeh Khoury
Laura and Ted Ladd
Mary Shafer-Malicki and Pat Malicki
Sue and Tim Mason
Mike and Emily McGrady
Doug and Susan Samuelson
Eydie and Ben Trautwein
The Trifecta Fund
Jeff and Chris Willemain

Mother’s Day Match Donors

Linda and Brady Baldwin
Tom and Shelley Botts
Kim and Jody Brown Family Foundation
C & N Foundation/Carole Hofley
Berte Hirschfield
Irwin Wilson Family Foundation
Cathy Kehr and Remy Levy
Mike and Emily McGrady
Julie and Hugh O’Halloran
Erika Pearsall and Ned Jannotta

Wyogives Match Donors

Mary and Dan Armour
The Betty B. Baril Fund
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming
Phil Dinsmoor
EOG Resources
Hughes Charitable Foundation
Mary Shafer-Malicki and Pat Malicki
Arin Waddell and John Heyneman

Gifts Made in Memory of

Craig Amadio
Sue Carr
Dennis Curran
Martha Ann Devine
Trudy Esquibel
Patricia Fleming
Julie Ann Giacobassi
Annie Hearne
Julie Hunt
Mary F. Johnson
Frosty Kepler
Daphne Peacock Doyle
Jenny Porter
Margaret Pyle
Margaret Dalton Ratelle
Jan Torres
Bonnie Winskowski

Gifts Made in Honor of

All Moms
Betty Ainsworth
Jim and Sharla Allen
Derek Baker
Meagan Baker
Bernadette L. Barlow
Ursula Benjamin
Rosie Berger
Rylee Besso
Leslie Biggs
Jeanne Bryan
Val Burbidge
Marilyn Burgeson
Mary E. Burman
Eric Christiani
Sarah Compton
Christine Conrad
Barbara Crews
Penny Cutts
Cheryl Davison
Lynne Demshar
Martha Ann Devine
Ray and Jim Dinneen
Judy Dixon
Glenda Earl
Leigh Earle
Anne Ellingson
Diana Enzi
Mary Beth Evers

Kate Finley
Matt R. Garland
Sheila Gleason
Tina Gray
Nancy Groseth
Beth Hallingbye
Jenileah Hallingbye
Rosie Hansen and Gabe Saltzman
Katie Hogarty
Mary Hogarty
Isla Hogarty Dick
Coraline Hogarty Dick
Janet Hurley
Kathleen Janssen
Jane Jennings
Luette Keegan
Marcia Kelbon
Myra A. Kero
Barbara Kissack
Molly Kruger
Kerry Lloyd
Nancy Lockwood
Lindsay Lofaro
Verna Lofaro
Patricia Love
Lisa Lowenfels
Deb Lurtz
Martha Marquardt

Lillian Arias Matteson
Mary McGrady
Elaine B. Miller
Kari Morgan
Emily Nelson
Kari Anne Nelson
Katie Ockers
Shellie Perkins
Lizzi Picherit
Marie Synnestvedt Powell
Cheryl Pritchett
Simret Proctor
Sarah Reese
Shannon Roberts
Bernie Schock
Rebecca Simmons
Julie Stone
Kenzie Strauch
Kathryn Svilar
Jo Synnestvedt
Stacia Synnestvedt
Erin Taylor
Beth Ward
Belinda Wells
Shirley Wendt
Katie Wieder
Sally Wolf


A Friend of Climb Wyoming
Carolyn and Rollin Abernethy
Hannah Adams
Ray Adams
Sara Adamson
Virginia and Michael Adler
Whitney and Nicholas Agopian
Penne Ainsworth
Albany County
Joe Albright and Marcia Kunstel
Charitable Fund
Michelle and Andy Aldrich
Charlotte and Peter Alexander
Anna Alig
Alex Alimanestianu and
Sally Maca
Dan and Tobie Alsup
Elizabeth Alva Rosa
AmazonSmile Foundation
AmTrust North America
ANB Bank
Carol Anders
Ara Anderson
Rylee Anderson
Shantel Anderson
Suzi Anderson
Teresa Anderson
Andrew Allen Charitable
Betty and Shaun Andrikopoulos
Teresa Ankeny
Mark and Nancy Anselmi
Mary and Dan Armour
Geoff and Susan Armstrong
Peter and Ruth Arnold
Ryland and Mark Aronowitz
Cristina Arriaga
Ascension Lutheran Church,
James and Carolyn Augé
Hanna Austin
Jodi Axford
Effie Bader
Dan and Pat Baker
Nancy and Lew Baker
Joan Baldwin
Linda and Brady Baldwin
Rebecca and Dmitry Balyasny
Bank of Jackson Hole
Bank of the West
Bantekas Accounting & Tax
Services, Lori Bantekas
Jean E. Barash
Susan and Max Barela
Betty B. Baril Fund
Bernadette Barlow
Eric and Kelly Barlow
Lee Barlow
Victoria and Phil Barret
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Jan Bauer and John Fournelle
Margo and Larry Bean Family
Chicory Bechtel
Donna and Nikkey Bedard
Brett Befus and
Mary Katherine Scott
El and Sue Belish
Charlotte and Tim Belton
Elli Bemis and Kelvin Wu
Helga Benjamin
Carrie and Drew Bennett
Adrienne Benson
Rosie and Bob Berger
Amanda and Andrew Beyeler
Beyond Broccoli LLC, Mary Ryan
Frances Biederstedt
Big Hollow Food Co-op
Curtis Biggs and Lindsey
Bertha Bikulcs
Sandra Biller
Kim and Zahan Billimoria
Julie Birrer
Kelly Biscombe
Black Diamond Financial, LLC
Gregg and Jackie Blikre
Blue Cross Blue Shield
of Wyoming
Blue Envelope Health Fund
Blue Federal Credit Union
Linda and Ed Boenisch
Travis Bogard
Linda Bogart
Amy and Paul Boillot
Lea Bonnecaze and
Ian Levenson
Claudia Bonnist and
Terry Winchell
Lynne and Rick Boomgaarden
Chris and Kathryn Boswell
Jenny Boteler
Tom and Shelley Botts
Annegret Botur
Agnes Bourne and
Dr. James Luebbers
Maggie Bourque and Rick Fisher
Bowen Family Foundation
Patti Boyd
Dr. Judy Boyle and
Dr. Russell Nelson
Catherine and William Bradford
Katie Colbert Brady and
Chris Brady
Lisa Brady
Sheila and Kevin Brazell
Briana Breit
Sharon Breitweiser
Bressler Insulation, Inc.
Jerad Brewer
Jan and Doug Brimeyer
Ron and Betsy Brino
Sarah Brino and Betsy Tetenman
Sara Brodnax and Steve Holmes
Susan Brody and Allen Johnson
Audrey and Jeff Brogan
Richard Brooks
The Brooks Foundation,
T. Anthony and Linda L. Brooks
Diana Brown
Kim and Jody Brown Family
Landon Brown
Mary Brown
Royce and Sandra H. Brown
Teresa and Bruce Brown
Valerie Brown and Don Baker
Tonia Browning
Frank Brummer
George and Linda Bryce
Mary Kate Buckley
Bruce and Kathy Bummer
Christine Burbidge
William and Katherine Burford
Monica and Ben Burgeson
Denise Burke
E. James and Linda G. Burke
Representative Donald and
Mary Burkhart

Cathie and Bruce Burkland
Shelly and Jeb Burnett,
NAPA Autoparts
Amira Burns and Bo McDowell
Andrea and Hal Burroughs
Sara Bursac
Sherry Bushman
John Buszkiewic
Daniel Butcher
Frank Byrne and
Theresa Zacharias
Jim and Sally Byrne
C & N Foundation
Debra Cafaro and
Terry Livingston
Lorie Cahn and Doug Brown
Robin and Phil Cameron
Campbell County
Campbell County Care Board
Norma Cappetti
Lisa Carlin
Betsy Carlin and Becky Watson
Dennis Carlson
Wendy Carlson-Koll
David Carpenter
Ken and Margaret Carpenter
Lisa Carpenter
Brock and Jenny Carr
Michael Gerald Carr
Andrew and Nancy Carson,
Cony Corporation
Wendy Carlson-Koll
Molly and Travis Carter
Wendy Carter
Cecile Caruso
J.C. Jewelers Engraving,
Jan and Jeter Case
Rocky and Chava Case
Dr. and Mrs. Francis Castano
Matt and Kelly Castano
Sharleen and Bill Castle
Beth and Fred Catchpole
Sharon and Scott Catellier
Brad and Suzi Cave
Century 21 Bell Real Estate
Certarus Ltd.
Charities Aid Foundation
Charles Schwab
Barbara and Gary Chase
Nancy Chase
Virginia Chase
Peide Chen
Steven and Janet Chen
Colleen and Paul Cherrett
Margene Chew
Cheyenne Housing and
Community Development
Cheyenne Orthodontics, P.C.,
Jason and Susanna Bird
Cheyenne Regional
Medical Center
Geneva Chong
Brian Christensen
Curt and Tami Christensen
Holly and Daniel Christensen
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Joann and Joe Cioffi
City of Cheyenne
City of Gillette
City of Green River
City of Laramie
Allison and Kevin Cohane,
Persephone Bakery
Cliff, Foster, and Asa Cohn
Coldwell Banker The Property
Karen and Jim Coleman
Mary Whitney and Betsy Collins
Melanie and Edd Collins
Tammy J. Comer
John Commeree and
Kathy Fosnaugh
Community Action Partnership
of Natrona County
Community Care Partners
Community Foundation of
Jackson Hole
Community Foundation of
Jackson Hole Employee Match,
Cindy Corona
Community Foundation of
Jackson Hole Employee Match,
Kristina Lawson
Leslie Cook
Mary Rawls Cooke Berkeley and
Richard D. Cooke, Jr.
Donna Corcoran
Amanda Cordoba
John and Dara Corkery
Jeryka Cornella
Cindy Corona and Eduardo
Rodriquez Carrillo
Carma and John V. Corra
Steve and Marla Corsi
Janet and John Costello
Helen and Mike Cottingham
Kathryn Cotton
Margaret Ann Courtade
Cowboy Moving and
Storage, Inc.
Judy and Billy Cox
Stacey Craig
Shirley Craighead
Cross Charitable Foundation
Melissa Watts Crowell
Becky Cummings
Bob and Kathy Cummings
Laura Curran
Wendy Curran
Victoria Curtis
Penny Cutts
Kim and Randy Dale
Shannon Dale and
Thomas Turiano
Traci Daley
John and Yasmin Dalton
Sandra D’Amico
Julie and Paul D’Amours
Daniels Fund
Mitch Dann
Dave Hansen Whitewater,
Bud and Kelly Chatham
Peggy and Kirk Davenport
Davis & Cannon, LLP
Devra Davis and
Richard Morgenstern
Dr. and Mrs. Harmon H. Davis, II
Jenny Davis
Laurie and Charles Davis
Lynne and Van Davis
Maron and Charlotte Davis
Thomas Davis
Alexandra Dawson and
Greg Gricus
Heather and Don Day
Jean, Tim, and Anna Day
Teresa De Groh and
Arne Jorgensen

Jane Dean
Virginia and Jim Dean
Matthew Deehan
Allory and Dawn Deiss
Cindy DeLancey
Robert and Eleanor Demple
Family Foundation
Carl and Lynne Demshar
Larry Demshar
Sage and Austin DePree
Jenny DeSarro
Dana H. Deuel
Liam, Lillian and Olivia Devine
Devon Energy Corporation
DevTo Support Foundation
Katie DiBerardinis
Cissy Dillon
John Dinneen
Marietta Dinneen
Ray and Jim Dinneen
Phil Dinsmoor
Alexis Dittmer
Dave and Diane Divis
Shannon Dobler
Shelley Dodd
Kerry and Louis Domenico
Candace Donahue
Barbara Dorrell
Melanie and Dave True,
Double 4 Foundation
Michael Dowda and Liza Millett
Pamela Downing
Martha and Sean Doyle
Shannon Doyle
Chad Driewer
Dry Creek Construction & Development
Gretchen and Gary Duniphan
Nancy and Dave Dunlap
Gregory Dyekman
Pauline Towers-Dykeman and
Paul Dykeman
Brent and Sarita Eastman
Ryley Eaton
David and Karin Ebertz
EcoConnect Consulting, Megan Smith
EcoTour Adventures, LLC, Taylor Philips
Samantha Eddy
Diana and Mike Eden
Ariane Eicke
David Elan
John P. Ellbogen Foundation
Martin and Crusita Ellbogen
Dr. Fred Emerich and
Dr. Keren Meister-Emerich
Aiden Emilo
Bill and Mary England
Diana Enzi
EOG Resources
Joannie and Steve Epstein
Lori Clark-Erickson and Chris Erickson
Amanda Esch
Nancy Espenscheid
Etchepare Family Foundation
Amy and Scott Evans
Evers Family Trust Donor Advised Fund
Joe and Elise Evers
Michael and Mary Beth Evers
Jody Ewing
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Maja Fabula and Thomas Shumaker
Factory Information Technology,
Ed Fries and Zach Huseby
Sara and Chris Fagan
Tucker and Carol Fagan
Aida Farag
Laurie and Steve Farkas
Laura Farney
FC Excavation, LLC
Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines
Jean and Dick Ferguson
Marialice and Dillon Ferguson
Jacqi and Landy Fertig
Sarah and Stephen Fetters
Bruce Feustel
Bill Field and Jodie Pond
Fighting Bear Enterprises, Inc.,
Private Realty Group, LLC
Lisa Finkelstein and Marc Domsky
Cate and Christopher Finlay
Stephen and Germaine Finley
Valerie and Patrick Finnegan
First American Title Insurance
First Bank of Wyoming
First Congregational Church,
Broadway Bargains
First Interstate BancSystem Foundation
First Interstate Bank – Casper
First Interstate Bank – Cheyenne
First Interstate Bank – Gillette
First Interstate Bank – Jackson
First Interstate Bank – Laramie
Fish Creek Veterinary,
Dr. and Mrs. Theo Schuff
Maureen Fitzgerald
Charles Fleischman
Alice Fleming and
Gregory R. Schopen
Francine Fleming
Workshop, Sue Fleming and
Doug Hasley
Sandy and Hilary Flint
Amanda Flosbach and Matt Daly
Floyd’s Truck Center
Nan Fogel
Dave Foreman
Drs. Dan and MJ Forman
Kara Brighton Fornstrom and
Justin Fornstrom
Ken Fortuna
Kate and Aaron Foster
AeriAnna Fox
Tammy and Erich Frankland
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Auxiliary #3493
Frederick Landscaping, LLC
Fredrick Mountain Group,
Jennifer Ford and Rhys Brown
Margo Fredrickson
John and Theresa Freeman
John F. Freeman
Friendship Mariners,
First Presbyterian Church
Lynn Friess
The Connemara Fund, Steve and
Polly Friess
Becky and Tom Frisbie
Joyce Frye and Doug Ross
Susan Frye and
Fred Synnestvedt
Steve and Camille Furtney
Brian Gallagher
Jane Gallie and Dr. David Shlim
Meghan and Wes Gardner,
Teton Toys
Kathy and Matt Garland
Tyler J. and Alexis Garrett
Jean Garrison

Gary Community Ventures
Walt and Kim Gasson
Linda and George Gault
Gem City Real Estate, Dan Brain
Genesis Alkali
Greg and Elizabeth Gerhard
Sharon and Bill Gern
Christy Gerrits
Gertrude Kamps Memorial
Pamela and Scott Gibson
Peg Gilday and Maho Hakoshima
Christy and Garth Gillespie
Rachel Gillett
John and Martha Gilmore
Maggie Glos
Lisa Welsh Gocke and
Mark Gocke
Sandra and Derek Goodson
Emily Goodstein
The Goodstein Foundation
Margaret Gordon and
Travis Ward
Misha Gordon-Rowe
Sarah Gorin and Bern Hinckley
Pete Gosar
Oliver and Christie Goss
Jennifer Graves
Brittany and Cody Gray
Mitchell Gray
Grease Monkey of Cheyenne,
Nancy Bomberger
Myrna and Stephen Greenberg
Hannah Greene
Mary Greene
Mary Gridley
Deirdre and Vance Griffith
Margi Griffith
Mary and Richard Guenzel
Guerrero Family Foundation,
Fernando M. Guerrero
The Gun Barrel Steak and
Game House, Karen and
Mark Walker
Guthrie Family Foundation
Guys Who Give
Louise and Ralph Haberfeld
Phil Haberman
Sylvia L. Hackl
Jim and Estelle Haefele
Maggie Hagen
Alyson Hagy and Bob Southard
Jim Hahn
Betsey Hale
Scott Hall
Zach Hall
Mills and Mike Halpin
Shannon Brooks Hamby and
Curt Hamby
Tim and Jaime Hammerich
Emi Hancock-Betts
Hand Fire Pizza JH, LLC
Jenny and Jim Hanrahan
Gwen and Bill Hansen
Rosie Hansen and
Gabe Saltzman
Ann Hardesty
David and Leslye Hardie
Lachlan Hardie
Jennifer Hargett
Carol and John Harkness
Theresa Harmati
Paul and Sherri-lyn Harrison
Diane and Randy Harrop
Dr. Maura and Mr. Kim Harrower
Ann Marie and Andy Hart
Jan and Bob Hartman
Carey D. Hartmann
Patricia Hartnett
Jim Hastings
Margaret and John Hauge
Renee and Mark Havens
Bruce Hawtin
Hawtin Jorgensen Architects
Andrea Hayden
Stephanie and Kerry Hayden
Megan Hayes and Reed Zars
JJ Healy
Jim and Peggy Hearne
Deborah and John Hechinger
Laura and Tom Hedges
Mark and Lizzie Heineken
Susan and Bill Heiss
Kristin Heres
Caroline Herter and Ben Winship
Sheila Hewitt
Jane and Tom Hill
Hilltop National Bank
Berte Hirschfield
Clifton Hodder
Anna and Craig Hodny
Jean Hoffman
Mary and Dennis Hoffman
Carole Hofley
Holly Hogarty
Katie Hogarty and Bryon Lee
Tom and Alice Hogarty
Bland Hoke
Marsha and Mark Holden,
Changes Hair & Nail Salon
Carol Holland
Shelley and John Holland
Susan and Shane
Jennifer and Navar Holmes
Connie Hood
Joshua Hopkin
Missy and David Hoster
Susan and Dennis Hourany
Jack Howe
Bridget Howell
Shay Howlin
HUB International Limited
Sandy and Wayne Hubert

Gail Hughes
Hughes Charitable Foundation
Nancy Hughes
Hungry Jack’s General Store
Sue Hurd
Hurry McMurry Endowment Fund
of the Wyoming Community
Connie and James Huspek
Thomas and Lynn Hutchings
Sue Ibarra
Battelle Energy Alliance,
operator of Idaho National
Jane Ifland
Int’l Brotherhood of Boilermakers
Richard and Beverly Irons
Irwin Wilson Family Foundation
Lori Iverson and Chris Harder
Dawn Fleming Jackson and
Daniel Jackson
Jackson Hole Ladies Golf
Erika Pearsall and Ned Jannotta
Leah M. Janssen
Jessica Jaubert
Dossanne and Jesse Jenkins
Jill and Bob Jensen
Karen Jerger and Chuck Harris
JH Builders
Tim and Kathy Joannides
and Family
David R. Johnson
Linda Johnson
Liz Johnson
Richard Johnson
Wally J. Johnson
Peggy and G. Duwayne Johnston
Ed and Alyce Jolovich
Jonah Bank of Wyoming
Cathy and Jeff Jones
Gregg and Dorrie Jones
Jeremy Jones, D.C.
Jean and Pete Jorgensen
Jorgensen Associates
Larry and Paula Jorgenson
Joseph J. Scott Foundation
Dane and Tony Joslyn
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Jon and Stephanie Kalter
Barbara Kaplan
Kathy Karahadian
Karns Family Fund of the
Community Foundation of
Jackson Hole
Peter Karns
Sunny and James Kaste
Dave and Linda Kathka
Rick Kaysen
Tim and Jamie Kearley
Luette and Michael Keegan
Kehr Levy Fund of the
Community Foundation of
Jackson Hole
Fred Keller
Jason Kelly
Fifth-grade students at Kelly
Elementary School
Harry and Shirley Kembel
Kemmerer Family Foundation,
Jay and Karen Kemmerer
Daniel Kenah
Kenworth Sales Company
Harriett Kepler
The Kern Family
Myra A. Kero
Sarah Kerr
Cherry Kildow
Andrew and Liz King
Bruce King
Mark and Tibbie Kinner
Lorilyn Kiren
Carrie Kirkpatrick
Mary Lou and Richard Lou Klene
Kathy Kline
Sue and Steve Kline
Judy and Dennis Knight
Andrew and Kate Kniss
Kraig Kobert, CPA
Shoshana Kobrin and
Ethan Lobdell
Frank Kolodziej
Deborah and Robert Kopp
Norbert Kriebel
Molly and Aaron Kruger
Tony and Barb Kruger
Charlie Ksir
Joan Kufskie
Wendy Kuhl
Julie and Lawrence Kummer
Joanne Kumor
Jane and Charles Kusek
Cass and Brett Kvenild
Beedee Ladd
Laura and Ted Ladd
Monique Lai and
Carson Stanwood
Kerry Lamb
Dan and Maggie Land
The Landon Family
Alisa Lane
Cynthia Lane
Sabrina Lane
John R. Lang
Laramie County
Laramie Telephone Exchange
Laramie Dart League
Lisa Larson-Hoyt
Gary and Peri Lathrop
Kristina and Heath Lawson
Leadership at Play
Maxine and Gerald LeBeau
Janet Lechman
Mary Lee and Dennis Dixon
Nancy Lee and John Clegg

Richard and Leslie Lee
Valerie and George LeFebre
Joe and Jamie Legerski
Florence Lemle,
Spirit Dance Foundation
Lenhart, Mason &
Associates, LLC
Nina and Brian Lenz
Letram Enterprises, LLC
Levin Strategic Resources, LLC
Carol and Dean Lewis
Chloe Lewis and Des Jennings
Jean and Jason Lewis
Mary Kay Lewis
Life Care Center of Cheyenne
Linda and Jason Lillegraven
Lincoln County
Dr. James Little
John and Elizabeth Lloyd
Liz and Kelly Lockhart
Nancy and Jeff Lockwood
Steve Loftin
Mary Long
Thomas N. and Kit Long
Long Reimer Winegar, LLP
Mary Lou and Dick Klene
Jennifer Love
Kim and Mary Kay Love
Doris Lowe
Jennifer Lowe
Wendy Lowe
Lisa Lowenfels and
Michael Krasula
Lower Valley Energy
Sue Lozier
Tamara Ludiker
Arp and Hammond Hardware Co.
Patty and John Lummis
Sarah and Doran Lummis
Sharel Lund
Robyn Lunsford
Cheryl Lunt
Debra and Bruce Lurtz
Randy Luskey
Mayo and Susan Traylor Lykes
Alison Lyman
Nancy Binks-Lyman and
Frank Lyman
Garrett and Margaret Lynch
Lokey Lytjen and Bill Collins
Vicky and David MacFarlane
Suzanne and Norman MacIntyre
Anne MacKinnon
Madalyn Martin
Anni Trucco Magnuson and
Pete Magnuson
Ginny and Ken Mahood
Mary Shafer-Malicki and
Pat Malicki
Amy Manhart and Drew Happ
Carol Mann
Donna R. Marburger
Keith and Ann M. Marcott
Joe and Cindy Marek
Brandy and Steve Marrou
Jacomien Mars
Erica and Jon Martel
Kelly and Michael Martin
Linda and Dick Martin
Nancy Martino
Mary H. Storer Foundation
Anne Mason
Mike and Ruth Massie
Heather Mathews
Leslie Mattson and Will Rigsby
Gayla and Max Maxfield
Janet May
Donna and Glenn McAlister
Amy and Forrest McCarthy
Margaret McCreery-McCoy and
Elmer McCoy
Bison Wealth Management,
Nicki and Brendan McDermott
Mike and Emily McGrady
Pat and Jan McGuire
Dawn and Michael McHugh
Linda and Alan McInally
Joan and Bill McIntyre
Terry McIntyre and Debbie Cokin
The Honorable Kate McKay
Owen McLaughlin
Julie and Bob McLaurin
The McMurry Foundation
Charly McOmber
John McPherson, DDS
Rae Marie McReynolds
MDU Resources Foundation,
Knife River Corporation
The Bradford S. Mead and
Katherine L. Mead Charitable
Howard and Sally Meeker
Rachel and Zach Meeker
Jennifer Mei and Chase Beninga
Kathleen Osterman-Meisner and
Greg Meisner
Greg and Athena Merage
Steve Meredith
Carol and Art Merrell
Sherrie and Clyde Merrow
Dr. Larry Meuli
Susan Mick and Bob Gordon
Christy and Donaldson Miele
Mighty Ducts
Mike’s Body Shop,
Mr. and Mrs. Mike May
Rebecca Miller
Susan Miller and Gregory Collins
Mitch McFadden Interior
Design, Inc.
Kimberly Mittelstadt
E. Jayne Mockler
Jessica and Kevin Moen
Linda Mohr

Kea and Tom Molnar
Gina and Randall Monk
David J. and Allison Monroe
Funeral Home
Paul and Lynn Montoya
Susan and Joseph Moore
Ruth Moran and Jim Rooks
The Morken Family Giving Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The Signatry
K.J. and Craig Morris
Anna Moscicki and Michael Kenney
Ms. Liana Moskowitz and Mr. Brian Hady
Ann Moyer
Alison and Mark Mueller
Barbara Murcray
Mia and Wesleymurd Murdock
Nick and Maggi Murdock
Molly and Dukes Murray
Martin and Sarah Muschaweck
Adelaide Myers
Kayla Myers
Lynne Myers
Becky and John Nagle
Tanna and Matt Nagy
Napa Autoparts Unlimited
Natrona Collective Health Trust
Natrona County
Dan Nelson
Aude-Noelle and Alan Nevius
New Life Gillette
Newell B. Sargent Foundation
Roxanne and Jared Newland
Newton Foundation
William C. Newton
Phil and Karen Nicholas
Jamie and Fabian Nippgen
John Nissenbaum
Teresa and Ronald Noble
Rose Novak
Katie Noyes and Mike McDonnell
Karla Nugent
Weifield Group Contracting
Jack and Carole Nunn
Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Amber Nuse
Melanie Nussdorf
Julie and Will Obering
Jerry and Vickie Obermueller
Stacey Moss
Andi and Matt Odell
Julie and Hugh O’Halloran
Sherry and Mickey Okray
Anna and Jeff Olson
Judith K. Olson, Ph.D.
Katelyn Olson
Bill and Janet O’Neil
The O’Neil Foundation
Matthew and Sandra Ostdiek
Rosamond and David Ostendorf
E. Ostlind and AD Parsekian
Evan and Kennedy O’Toole
Oxy USA, Inc.
Kayle Palmer
Lori Palmer
Stuart Palmer
Carol and Alton Parker
Joseph and Louise Parzick
Carol Matteson Pascal
Alpa Patel
Birgitt Paul andSteve Scott
Mary M. Paxson
PB & K Corporation Haagen-Dazs
Peak Promotions, Kent and Kari Shriner
Carol and Christopher Peck
Hadyn Peery and Samantha Livingston
Anne Pendergast
Pendergast Fund
Janet Penner
Tracy M. Penner
PEO Sisterhood Chapter AS
Sisterhood Chapter V
Dan and Gwen Perdue
Laurie Andrews and Perk Perkins
Jessica and Marvin Perry
Alan W. Peryam,
Peryam Ranch LLC
Ruth and Bob Peters
Vicki and Paul Peters
Leslie Petersen and Hank Phibbs
Jeannie and Cory Peterson
Jen and Lars Peterson
Ruth Ann Petroff and Mark Barron, High Country
Linen Service
Lisa and Scott Pierson
Shirley and Paul Piper
Heather Plank
Tracy and Greg Poduska
Mary Pokorny and Jeff Bjornsen
Mindy Polan, Ian and Jessica
Sanchez Leggoretta
James D. and Bess S. Polis
Floren Poliseo
Frances Pollak and Ernest LaBelle
Anu Ponnamma and Jay Layman
Amber Porter
Don and Virginia Porter
Rich and Cindy Porter
Powder River Energy Foundation
Brynn Powell
Charlie and Loraine Powell
Lin Poyer
Irene Griswold-Prenner and John Prenner
Jordan Pretty and Friends
Janis and Dan Price
Leeann Prichard
Christian and Kristen Pritchett
John Prokos and Melinda Baas
Leo and Erin Pueblitz
Mike and Cady Purcell
William Quinn
Cody and Ali Quintal
Dr. William and Glenda Ramsay
Pamela and Jerry Rankin
Ann Ratelle
Mike and Mary Rathbun
Wallace and Carolyn Rayl
RBC Wealth Management
Bart Rea
Chris and Emily Rea
Shelby and Rosie Read
Ann and Ralph Redman
Patti and Arthur Reese
Sarah Reese and Sterling Smith
Dorothy Reeves
Jill Reich
Reiman Corp.
Rebecca Reimers and Bart Monson
Tierney and Richard Remick
Maddy and Brian Remlinger
Melissa Renville
Story Clark Resor and Bill Resor
Rheam Family and Grand Fishing
Gudrun Rice and Charles Kerr
Bart Richardson
Annie and Travis Riddell, Ja
ckson Pediatrics
Lee and Ed Riddell
Nancy and Dick Riddle
Elizabeth Ridgway
Steven Rieke
Kristen and Jerimiah Rieman
Carolyn and Andy Ripps
Lori Fields and Marlin Risinger
Riverstone Bank
Robert O. Law Foundation, Inc.
Carol and John Robinson
Julia Robinson
Roxanne and Jeff Robinson
Rocking G Properties LLC,
Tyler J. Garrett
Rocky Mountain Power

Rocky Mountain Power Foundation
Chris and Colleen Rodgers
Elisabeth Rohrbach
Dona Romain
Craig Rood
Michelle Rooks, Angel Rooks
Orton, and Eric Orton
Representative Jim Roscoe
Michele and Jim Rose
Patricia Roser and Andrew Langford
Christopher Roth
Elaine and Dale Roth
Kerri Ann Rowland
Sam Runyan
Carl Rupp
Russell G. Chinook Family Fund
Lindley Rust and Matthew Herron
Julia Ruther
Joan Ryan
Lisa and Jim Ryan
Corie Rybak
Clarence and Mary Samuels
Endowment Fund of the Wyoming Community Foundation
Doug and Susan Samuelson
Barbara, Scott and Thibaud Sanchez
Jack and Karen Sapp
Kate Sarosy and Scott Sissman
Sara Saulcy
Lorraine Saulino-Klein
Jodi and Wayne Saunders
Barby and William Savage
Tim and Dorothy Savage
Maggie and Dick Scarlett
Jan and Dave Schaad
Katina Schaffner
Nancy Schiffer
Maggie and Brian Schilling
Debbie Schlinger
Neva and John Schmechel
Carol and Charles Schneebeck
Delya Schock
Lori and Gary
The Schreiner Family
Claudia and Michael Schrotz
Sandra Schultz Hessler
Leonard R. and Synthia Scoleri
Andrew J. Scott
Charles Scott
Emily Scott
The Seidler Foundation
Carol and Sam Paul Mavrakis
Bonnie and Doug Self
Peter M. Selkowitz
Danielle Shapiro
Dr. Nancy H. Shea
Suzanne Shea-Kuno
Sally and Michael Sheehan
Dragon Sherman
Jenny and Danny Shervin
Trey and Jason Sherwood
Kelly and Carl Shuptrine
Holly Shuss
Silver Star Communications
Barbara and John Simms
Ann and Alan Simpson
Midge Simpson and Michele LaBounta
Milward and Amy Simpson
Simpson Properties
Susan and Arthur Simpson
Sisecam Wyoming, LLC
Sisters of Charity, SCL
Christopher Skoglund
Megan and Tyson Slater
Ann Aston Slaton
Philip Slichenmyer
Angie Smith
Ann C. Smith
Craig and Patricia Smith
Kim Smith
Lenore and James Smith
Lloyd and Jane Smith
Nancy R. Smith
Smith’s Food and Drug
Dr. Laura and Dr. Lane Smothers
Melissa and Jason Snider
Snowy Range Academy
Maureen Solomon
Patsy and Julian Sorensen
Soroptimist International of Jackson
Soroptimist International of Laramie
Sam and Fontaine Souther
Sonja S. Sparks
Rob Spaulding
Jaynie Spell
Mary and Jim Speyer
Thomas and Debbe Spicer
Spirit Dance Foundation
Split Creek Ranch, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Aquila
St. Paul’s Newman Center
St. Paul’s United Church of Christ
Lucy and Mark Stacy
Fred and Jeanie Staehr
Stam & Associates CPA’s
Rachel Stam
Catherine Hansen Stamp and Barry Stamp
Georgie Stanley
The Stanley Family Fund
State Farm
State Farm Insurance
Victor Hiler
Jana Stearns
Andrew Steel
Jane and Edward Steere
Ryan Stepp
Pamela Stockton
Temple and Michael Stoellinger
Julie and Jon Stone
Stacia Stone Foster
Jill and Rick Stonehouse
Ron and Jane Stoughton
Joan Stout
Tammy Stout
Jesse Stover and Stine Richvoldsen
Lynn and John Straker
Kate Strut
STS Foundation,
Pam and Phelps Swift
Jennifer Swift Wilson
Dr. Richard and Sue Sugden
Anna and Steve Sullivan
Mike and Jane Sullivan
Deborah Supowit
Joy and Ron Surdam
AJH-BEH Trust, Survivors Trust
Susan and Jeffrey Sussman
Kim and Larry Sutherland
Kathryn Svilar and David Finley
Pat Sweeney
Sweet Life Foundation,
Anne Muller and Tom Muller
Sweetwater County
Sweetwater County Retired
School Employees Association
Sweetwater Federal Credit Union
Rebecca and Theodore Swift
Duane Swinton
Coca-Cola, USA
Systemic Change Fund
Kim Tanner
Tata Chemicals North America
Kelly Taubert
Janet K. Taylor
Marcia and Mike Taylor
Nancy Taylor
Teapot Foundation
Technical Framework
Bill Tenborg
Jennifer and Michael Tennican
Bob Graham and Karen Terra
Fund of the Community
Foundation of Jackson Hole
Betty K. Terrill

Frances and Allan Tessler
Teton County
Teton Motors
Teton Protective Group
Stephanie Teubner
Beverly and Rudolph Tezak
Laurie Thal, Glass Art Studio
The Len-Ari Foundation
Toni Thomson
Mary and Peter Thorsness
Mary Throne and Kevin Boyce
Through the Woods Wellness and Counseling
Thursday Roundtable Fund of
the Community Foundation of
Jackson Hole
Patricia and Tom Tisone
Tough Guys
Town of Jackson
Senator and Mrs. Randolph Townsend
Georgene Tozzi
Johnny and Meaghan Tozzi
Elora Trabold
Barbara Ellen Trachtenberg
Stanford and Barbara Trachtenberg
Terry and Gary Trauner
The Trifecta Fund
Susan Tabor Tripepi
The Shane and JoAnn Skeim-True Family
Sandra and Bruce Tully
Casey and Stephanie Turcato
Melissa Turley
John and Christine Turner
Joanne and Chuck Tweedy
Shirley Tynan
Jerry Tystad
Amy and Steve Unfried
Juliet Unfried
Union Congregational Church
Union Pacific Foundation
United Methodist Women
United Way
United Way of Campbell County
United Way of Laramie County
United Way of Natrona County
UniWyo Federal Credit Union
UW Ethics Club, SparkTank 2023
Tammy and Dallas Valdez
Andrea Valma
Maureen and Harley
Van De Wege
Cindy C. Vandewark
Patricia Ventimiglia
Adrian Vigil
Jim Vito Construction, Kristin and Jim Vito
Josie Voight and William Winkler
Arin Waddell and John Heyneman
Polly and Sandy Wakeman
Nancy and Lawrence Waldman
Mark and Karen Walker
Carmel Wallace
Dennis and Sandra Wallace
Kay Wallick and Donald Purcell
Kristi Wallin
Christel and David Walrath
Barbara and Charlie Walter
Don and Betty Walters
George Wang
Jim and Lesley Wangberg
Beth and Bryan Ward
Dale and Linda Ward
Doreen Ward
Warehouse Twenty One
Jeff and Tracy Wasserburger
Joshua Watanabe
Teresa and William Waterman
Lynn and Dr. Kenneth Wegner
Weifield Group Contracting
Jim and Belinda Wells
The Wells Family
Wells Fargo
Kate Welsh
Robert Wemple Charitable Fund
Randal M. and Carol S. Wendling
Shirley and Eugene Wendt
Susan and Kent Westedt
Cyrus Western
Western Sky Design
Western Waterworks, Inc.
Wheeler Family Foundation
Whitely and Nick Wheeler
Missy Whelan
Jackie Whitaker
White Mountain Lions Club
Ronda and Dave Whitman
Penny and Charley Whiton
Constance Wieneke
Jennifer Wiener
Rachel Wigglesworth and Kai, Taya, and Nate Mcclennan
Wildcat Trucking, LLC
Sarah Wilkins
Stephen and Tonya Willadson
Carolyn Teter Williams
Claudia Willis and Dale Sanders
Betty Wills and Bruce Burrows
Jennifer Wilmetti
Katherine Wilson
Chris and Kurt Wimberg
Christine and Lance Windey
Jodie and Chuck Wing
Kenna Winslow
Dr. John and Pam Winter
Cheri, Jeffrey, Katy, and Mike Witz
Barbara and Jeffrey Wogoman
Wold Foundation
Christopher Wolf
Hardy Wolfe
Vinton and Cindy Wolfe
Wolf’s Jackson Hole
Stefanie and Wesley Womack
Women’s Networking Community
Alden Wood and Ike Faust
Rhonda Woodard
Woodhouse Roden
Nethercott, LLC
Woodson Family Foundation
Chris Woolley
Beth and James Worthen
Nolene Wright
Cindy and Peter Wuerslin
WyHy Federal Credit Union
Edelweiss Donor Advised
Endowment Fund of the Wyoming Community Foundation
Tony Cate Fund at the Wyoming Community Foundation
Wyoming Community Foundation
Wyoming Outfitters
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
Wyoming Trucking Association
Wyoming Women’s Foundation
Endowment Fund at the Wyoming Community Foundation
Cynthia Yablonski
Jamie and Shannon Yarrow
Jessica and Brook Yeomans
John Yerkovich
Mike Yin
Daniel and Kerri Young
Karen Youngblood and Jim Peck
Youth Crisis Center
Youth Philanthropy Program
Fund of the Community
Foundation of Jackson Hole
Theresa Zacharias
Kore en Zelasko and Bobby Compton
Barbara Zelazo and Michael Scher
Zelle, LLP
Heidi Zinn
Zonta Club of Laramie

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