“Before Climb, these women were making tough choices in life: whether to put gas in their cars or have money for rent, buy groceries or have heat in the middle of winter. This meant a lot of stress and chaos in their lives.

Even with these challenges, they didn’t give up and were so committed to the training, knowing how much these jobs were going to change their lives. 100% of the participants who tested passed their CDL tests on the first try. Now when they talk about their new jobs, their faces just light up. They are happy and confident and proud of the work they’re doing and the stability they’ve brought to their families.”

— Katie Hogarty, Laramie Program Director

“All my relationships in life are better. I’m making decisions based in a place of calm and thoughtfulness. And now if my lid gets unscrewed, I absolutely know how to put it back on!”

— Monique, Program Participant

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Watch a video of these grads behind the wheel during training!