When I felt like I finally fit in on my first day at work.

“I’m still shocked some days,” says Sabrina of her job at 307 Realty in Gillette. “I can’t believe I’m here.”

“Climb got to know me as a person,” she says of how Climb helped place her in a job as 307 Realty’s office manager. “They had a lot of insights into my strengths.”

Stephanie Thomas, 307’s co-owner, says that Sabrina has filled a critical position on the team and has been a great match for their culture.

“This is a place to learn and grow. I’m amazed that this kind of job exists.”

-Sabrina, Climb Wyoming Graduate

Photo Above: Stephanie Thomas (left) and Stacy M. Taylor (center), co-owners of 307 Realty, have enjoyed creating an environment where Sabrina can learn and grow.

“When we made this hire, we wanted to pick somebody who hasn’t had the opportunity to work in this setting,” says Stephanie. “We’re a woman-owned business and like to be role models for our employees. We want to take our success and show what can be achieved with the right support.”

Sabrina says that from her first day she felt respected. “I wondered if it’s okay to ask a lot of questions when you’re new. I realized, yes, it is! This is a place to learn and grow. I’m amazed that this kind of job exists.”

After being employed at a gas station for several years and having to be away from her kids on nights and weekends, Sabrina now has employment that is giving her family much-needed structure.

“I got into a lot of trouble in my twenties,” says Sabrina. “And spent time in a correctional facility and struggled with alcoholism. My kids were all over the place when I was all over the place.”

Things are better now. “We just got a new home. We don’t need housing assistance. I can pay the bills on time…all of them! We’re building a clubhouse together in our backyard, and my kids are learning to use tools for the first time. Now we can just be a family.”