During every Climb program, one day each week is dedicated to coming together as a group to master important job readiness, executive functioning, and life skills. It models the 9 to 5 routine of a typical workday and is packed with powerful activities like these to help moms prepare for successful employment.

9 a.m.
Morning Meeting 

Creates a safe structure to practice how to successfully plan for the day ahead…and the inevitable distractions that come up in life and work. 

10 a.m.
Work Success: Interview Preparation 

How can you connect your past employment experiences with the skills required for a new job? This is a chance for moms to identify and present their strengths in a professional way, gain confidence, and learn some of the hidden rules of a job interview. 

11 a.m.
Group Counseling 

Guided by a Climb mental health provider, group therapy is critical because most work is done in a group—so practicing how to handle conflict and communicate effectively with others sets moms up for successful interactions on the job. 

2 p.m.
Life Skills: Budgeting 

When you get your first paycheck from your Climb job placement, what’s next? Moms discuss their complex relationships with money, how to create a monthly budget during inflation, and tools to transition off government assistance into self-sufficiency. 

3 p.m.
Giving and Receiving Feedback 

Having a direct conversation with a supervisor or co-worker can be hard—so moms learn techniques for turning these interactions into productive steps forward in their careers. 

4 p.m.

Research shows that the toxic stress and trauma of poverty impacts the way the brain functions. Climb’s mental health providers use mindfulness exercises at the end of the day to diminish these harmful neurological patterns and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.