Pictured above: Tiffany’s Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) group in Casper included a wide range of ages—from 20’s up to a participant raising her great-grandchildren. Tiffany (back row, second from the right) is now working in the home health industry and plans to pursue a degree in nursing.

At 45, Tiffany was starting over in life—and discovering that when it comes to learning and growing together, age has no limits.

“My daughter died in a car accident two years ago, and then my husband left, so I was alone raising my two young grandchildren and my other daughter who was in high school. At first, I was so nervous to be with 20-year-olds at Climb who said to me, ‘I can’t believe how strong you are.’ I replied that I had no choice but to be strong and keep my head and do what I needed. So I hope I showed them that no matter how hard a situation is, there’s always a positive.


Ages of Climb Participants in 2018

Age doesn’t matter—you can start over at any age and be okay. We brought so much to each other. We all just clicked. We had the same goal in mind—to do better for our children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.

We showed each other that there are people there for you in life. Yes, horrible situations arise, but if we join together, we can get through anything that life throws at us.”