Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) participants experienced what it’s like to be the patient during a mass casualty incident training with Laramie County Community College and the Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center. After role playing as victims, the moms gave input for a final report, gaining valuable lessons in patient care, emergency room procedures, and more to use in their own medical careers.

For the first time, Climb has placed graduates with southwest Wyoming trona mines Tata Chemicals and Genesis Alkali after offering training in the software program Systems, Applications and Products (SAP). Both companies had a strong need for SAP-trained employees in order to innovate with new technology. “It’s challenging— in a good way,” says Climb grad Aubrey of SAP. “It’s stimulating. I am hungry for this knowledge, I’m motivated to succeed.”

For Climb’s single mothers, learning the skills to advocate for yourself—and your children—means gaining the confidence and knowledge to ensure your family has what it needs to thrive. Parenting classes in Laramie’s latest training included tips for the moms on how to connect with community resources, from mentoring programs to the school district and more, that will help their children succeed in life, too.

Seven out of eight participants in Climb’s recent Teton Area program were hired in job placements before commencement. Three local businesses—Farm Bureau Financial Services, Wyoming Landscape and Jade’s Heating and Plumbing—had hired graduates before and were eager to again, while several others were led to Climb after hearing how past graduates have contributed skilled, motivated, quality employees to the local workforce.