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This Mother’s Day, Help Change a Family’s Story

At Climb Wyoming, we know that successful moms aren’t the ones who never struggle…they’re the ones who never give up. This Mother’s Day, give moms the opportunity to start new and hopeful chapters in their families’ lives. Double your impact with our Mother’s Day match! Honor your mom, or someone whose story has impacted you, […]

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Because you care…

Your support makes it possible for Wyoming single moms to lift their families out of poverty with higher-paying, in-demand jobs. Thank you!

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A Climb graduate who now works as a commercial driver.

Paola’s Family Story

“I drive and operate several different vehicles, including semis with 13-speed manual transmissions,” says Paola, a driver for Sweetwater County Road and Bridge. “I haul materials for the maintenance and construction of our county roads. Every day is different.” Paola and another Climb graduate are the only women currently driving for their department. “It’s a […]

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Deana’s Moment

Deana was driving down the interstate in February, snow blowing across the road, when her phone rang. “I pulled over,” she recalls. “It was Climb following up with me again, asking if I was ready to do their Commercial Driving training. I decided then and there to do it.” Climb staff had kept in regular […]

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Gillette Program Update: Spring 2023

Training: Commercial Driving (CDL) Families Served: 10 moms + 19 children Photos Above: Claudia practices technical maneuvers during training in collaboration with Mountain West Commercial Driving School. Lora, a recent graduate of Climb’s CDL training in Gillette, has a job placement as a tank wagon driver for Homax Oil Sales.  Climb Wyoming’s recent Commercial Driving […]

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Sabrina’s Moment

When I felt like I finally fit in on my first day at work. “I’m still shocked some days,” says Sabrina of her job at 307 Realty in Gillette. “I can’t believe I’m here.” “Climb got to know me as a person,” she says of how Climb helped place her in a job as 307 […]

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Tiffani’s Moment

When doctors looked at my heart and could see that my life had become more stable. Diagnosed with congenital heart disease at birth, Tiffani has endured countless surgeries during her lifetime. A year ago, her doctors were alarmed when she could hardly walk across the room and felt constantly weak and tired. “Cleaning houses was […]

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Deana’s Moment

When I got a phone call from Climb and heard the voice of someone believing in me. (Photo Above: Deana received comprehensive pre-program support that has allowed her to be in a better place for her three kids, including son Edmond.) Deana was driving down the interstate in February, snow blowing across the road, when […]

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Featured Employer Partner: Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

Photos: Alyssa and Johanna are among the many graduates over the years who have had a Climb job placement at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. One of Climb’s First Employer Partners Continues to Help Single Moms Start Healthcare Careers “Having long-term positive impacts on families by employing Climb graduates has been incredibly rewarding. These moms have […]

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