Spring 2024

Pictured Above: Carissa’s job placement with Searle Bros. Construction gave her critical financial stability to support her son with a high-paying job that includes benefits and options to save for the future.

“Climb showed me that I can do better and have a life that I didn’t think would be possible as a single mom.”


Commercial Driving (CDL)
27 children
In the Driver’s Seat of Life

Home to a very long stretch of I-80, Sweetwater County has an active energy and construction industry, so commercial drivers are always in high-demand. Our recent CDL graduates tenaciously braved snow and cold during training and even asked for extra training on bad-weather days to master their driving skills in tough conditions.

After training, graduates started job placements that significantly increased their monthly incomes. Local employers included Sunroc Construction and Materials, a company that collaborates with Climb on coaching and evaluations while employees are in the “learning zone” of a new job. “We’re so impressed with the hunger and drive of Climb graduates,” says Sunroc’s Aaron Farmer.

Building Trust

The Sweetwater Area’s most recent graduates came to Climb knowing they wanted to go into commercial driving careers but unsure if they could get there. Climb’s structured and therapeutic approach created a safe space for them to lean in and trust each other, our staff, and their own abilities to reach success on the path to new driving careers.

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