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Jodi’s Family Story

At Climb, Jodi didn’t just push past her comfort zone, she leaped out of it feet first. After suffering from severe social anxiety that kept her out of work and on disability for more than 20 years, Jodi bravely walked through Climb’s doors two years ago feeling determined…and very nervous. The first person Jodi met […]

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Kendra’s Family Story

“She is the light of my world, my little spitfire. She is my everything,” Kendra says of her seven-year-old daughter Jaylee. Before graduating from Climb’s Commercial Driving License (CDL) training in Casper three years ago, Kendra was surviving paycheck to paycheck, working at a gas station for $10 an hour. “It was pretty bleak. I […]

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Ruth’s Family Story

Ruth feels like her job as a CNA is a natural fit and takes pride in caring for Mary (right) and other residents at Primrose Retirement Community. “I really enjoy getting to know the residents and their life stories,” says Ruth, a recent graduate of Climb’s Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training in Gillette.” In response […]

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A Climb graduate who now works as a commercial driver.

Paola’s Family Story

“I drive and operate several different vehicles, including semis with 13-speed manual transmissions,” says Paola, a driver for Sweetwater County Road and Bridge. “I haul materials for the maintenance and construction of our county roads. Every day is different.” Paola and another Climb graduate are the only women currently driving for their department. “It’s a […]

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The Gift of Mental Wellness: Moms Practice New Ways of Thinking to Succeed in the Workplace

Research shows that the stresses of poverty—from struggling to access food and housing, to abuse and other traumas—impacts how our brain functions, especially diminishing planning, decision making, and other executive functioning skills. At Climb, moms find a safe place to address past obstacles in their personal and work lives with a licensed mental health provider […]

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EMPLOYER PARTNERSHIPS: Gaining Skilled Employees While Helping Them Reach Life Goals

Photos Above: Mildred’s supervisors and trainers at Summit Medical Center are thrilled to have her on the team and see her accomplishing life goals like finishing her high school degree. “I’m 32 years old and didn’t think I could start a new career since I never finished high school,” says Mildred, a mom of five. […]

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Your Kindness is Transformative

Photos Above: Climb Wyoming graduate Felicia is now an instructor training other moms to launch commercial driving careers. Because you believe in women like Felicia, Wyoming families are conquering poverty to build better lives, healthier communities, and a stronger workforce. What does Climb graduate Felicia like more than driving trucks? Teaching commercial driving (CDL) students […]

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Honoring some especially courageous moms this Mother’s Day

Wyoming Tribune Eagle May 13, 2023 By Katie Hogarty, Climb Wyoming CEO Moms make a lot possible when they encourage us, inspire us and teach us to be brave and never give up. This Mother’s Day, there are so many moms across Wyoming who are lifting their families up in life! I’d like to honor […]

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Climb Wyoming’s Molly Kruger Featured on The Mom Shuffle Podcast

Single mothers and their children experience the highest rates of poverty among families in Wyoming. That’s why Molly Kruger and her team spend their days helping single mothers with low income achieve self-sufficiency through career training and placement. As the COO at Climb Wyoming, a nonprofit founded in 1986 which operates in six locations across the […]

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Across Wyoming Featuring Katie Hogarty

In this episode of “The Jackson Hole Connection,” Climb Wyoming CEO Katie Hogarty shares what it was like growing up in Wyoming and why she left a law career path to work for Climb. Stephan and Katie then discuss Climb Wyoming’s impact on single mothers and their families, including inspiring stories of women overcoming some […]

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